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Kaplan MCAT Prep Course (Live Online)


$1,250 Enroll

Full course description

All Kaplan course enrollments are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month. If you enroll in a course after the 1st or 15th, you will not be able to begin your course until after the next enrollment period. When selecting your class, please allow a minimum of three weeks for processing and to receive your course material which will be mailed to you.



A Kaplan class code is required prior to check out. Please follow these instructions to gather your code for the Live-Online course:


v  View the Live Online Schedules here: MCAT® Prep

v  Find the date you want and click the 'Online Course Details' link to retrieve the Class Code.

v  Make note of the class code. After checkout, send your code, complete street address, and contact number to Stacy Simon at


Kaplan MCAT Live Online Course:

v  14 3-hour scheduled online classes with a team of expert MCAT teachers

v  Personalized homework assignments based on your strengths and weaknesses

v  Access to unlimited livestreamed workshops

v  A 3,000+ question Qbank that you can customize by length, topic, and subtopic

v  16 full-length, realistic practice tests

v  7-book MCAT subject review set

v  90+ brand new content refresher videos covering the highest-yield MCAT topics

v  All the official AAMC practice material available

v  Flexible scheduling options that make it easy to fit studying into your life


Study Smarter for Better Results

Kaplan studied their MCAT students and found that those with the greatest score increases also did the most work. But it’s not only about working harder. It’s also about working smarter, like studying relevant topics specific to an individual student—and that’s where their MCAT prep shines. Their programs make personalized recommendations tailored to each student for a fast, efficient path to a higher score.